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Interview with Song Surgeon 5 Owner, James Todd

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As a full-time guitar teacher, I am a strong advocate for using technology to accelerate music learning. I use Song Surgeon 5 in my classroom and in my own studio every day.

It is the best way to learn guitar on your own and to practice in the absence of the teacher. It teaches kids how to practice like experts by allowing them to isolate parts and focus on repetition and refinement.

Recently, I sat down with James Todd, founder, and owner of Song Surgeon 5, to ask him a couple of questions and tell the Song Surgeon story.

Could you tell me a little more about the platform? What are the key features that set Song Surgeon 5 apart from the other music software programs out there?”

When Song Surgeon launched 12 years ago, it was in the middle of the pack of similar products. Today it is one of the top products of its kind on the market.

The things that set it apart are the quality of the audio after key or tempo change Its ability to automatically detect key, tempo, and chords when opening a song, Speed Trainer, which is a feature that allows a user to set a beginning and ending tempo and a percent change, and Song Surgeon will automatically increase the tempo each time it loops, and Our Customer Service.

We get many compliments about the service provided by our Help Desk.

Is Song Surgeon helpful if you are trying to learn guitar by yourself?

“There is an interesting story here. Before we ever developed Song Surgeon, we were selling a series of flash-based guitar riffs.

One of the features of these riffs was that you could slow them down to half speed. We did a survey of the guitarists who used this product and asked them how much the ability to slow down the tempo help them learn.

The results were eye-opening. Almost 200 guitarists responded, and they told us that being able to slow down increased their learning ability by 2 – 10 fold, with the average response being 6.1 fold or 614%.”

Song Surgeon seems to be very helpful in the guitar learning process, what are some of the other types of instruments that can benefit from this software?”

While it is true that guitarists are our single largest user segment, we do have a wide variety of musicians that play 40 different instruments.

It really doesn’t matter what instrument you play. If you need to slow something down to hear not only WHAT note is being played but HOW it is being played, then Song Surgeon can be of benefit.

A short list of some of the more common instruments played by Song Surgeon users includes voice (primarily for changing key), bass, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, fiddle, violin, keyboard, and drums.”

Does Song Surgeon 5 have any really cool success stories? Are there people that used the software and now they are doing great things in the field of music?”

Yes, there are a couple that come to mind.

A teenage girl named Jodi Bird from England used Song Surgeon to manipulate backing tracks for singing purposes when competing in Britain’s Got Talent contest.

She was one of the top 10 semifinalists.Another customer, George Simms, is a US Expat living in France. He’s done concert stage and/or studio backing vocals with artists including David Bowie, Billy Joel, Madonna, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, Cindi Lauper, Chaka Khan, and legendary French entertainer Serge Gainsbourg.

He uses Song Surgeon to transpose backing tracks to alternative keys suitable for his singing. Lastly, an ex-guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne uses Song Surgeon in his guitar teaching practice.

Though skeptical at first, he quickly saw it’s utility. Now he has 20 of his 24 students are currently using the product.”

Is Song Surgeon 5 helpful for music educators working in a private studio or classroom?”

Song Surgeon is widely used by both students and educators. A good example is a situation mentioned about the guitarist in the above question. Many guitar instructors use Song Surgeon in their teaching practice.

Obviously, this is not limited to guitarist instruction only.

Song Surgeon is used by teachers for a wide variety of other instruments. Song Surgeon is also used by music teachers in high schools.”

Is there a way to try the platform to see if it is right for me?

“The best way for anyone to decide on Song Surgeon is right for them is to download our fully functional demo. Take it for a test drive.

The demo isn’t limited by the calendar but by run time.

It provides for 4 hours of run time. You could use an hour today, another tomorrow, another next week and the last a year from now. Remember to close the demo when it is not in use to preserve the remaining run time.

Beyond that Song Surgeon comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

So if you’re trying to learn guitar by yourself check out Song Surgeon. Decide within this 60-day window that it is not for you, we will refund your money, no questions asked.”