Learn Guitar Austin offers its top recommendations for guitarists and aspiring musicians in 2021.

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Voted “Top Online Guitar Instruction”

New York City Guitar

Guitar Education

If you have ever purchased a beginner guitar course the first thing you probably learned was that you should have got a real teacher. Teaching is much more than delivering information to others. It requires sequencing tasks and giving individualized feedback to learners. Recorded lessons typically work for individuals with some guitar experience.

Knowing that nothing beats real lessons from an experienced teacher, New York City Guitar and Learn Guitar Austin have teamed up to bring quality, online, guitar education to the world. It is a very inspiring guitar program that I am glad to be a part of.

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Online Learning 1:1 and Courses

With over 102 guitar instructors to choose from, JamPlay is the all-in-one package for those wanting to learn to play the guitar online. JamPlay offers beginner guitar lessons and instruction in all different styles and levels of guitar playing.

Your membership includes online masterclasses, live courses, and 1:1 review from some of the best guitarists in the world. Their music learning app is included in your membership and is perfect for learning guitar by yourself. Memberships start at $19.95 a month and come with a risk-free, 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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Voted “Best Music Learning Software” for Guitarist

Song Surgeon 5

Voted Top Guitar Learning Software 2020

This guitar learning software allows users to slow down the music and learn guitar by yourself. This software was designed with the guitarist in mind. Music learners can simply upload any audio file from their music library.

With a click of a button, learners can slow down the music, change pitch, isolate parts of a song, create practice loops, reduce the vocal track and automatically detect the chords of the song and, much more. 

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 Train Your Ears

Ear Training for Sound Engineers

Train Your Ears is a software program for Mac or PC that teaches how to hear equalizers and frequencies more deeply. Designed for sound engineers, this program accelerates the music learning process with real-world listening exercises by giving the user immediate feedback while improving your knowledge and memory for frequencies.

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Voted Top Online “Singer-Songwriter Courses

30-Day Singer

Best ” Learn to Sing Course” 2020

This multi-award-winning vocal program is by far one of the best online programs for learning how to sing. Geared toward beginners, the instruction is well-organized and teaches the fundamentals of the voice in a fun step-by-step sequence. Instructors from this course come from the top musical institutions in the world, like Julliard, and also include Reagan James from the hit TV show “The Voice.” Advanced lessons are also available and are easy to follow.

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Online Music Education

Learn Guitar Austin is proud to be partnering with Soundfly, an online music learning platform with courses on songwriting, chords, and scales, composing, arranging, synths, DIY vocal production, mixing, and much more. Their niche courses are available to take either on your own with a low-cost subscription, or 1-on-1 with a professional mentor helping you every step of the way with personalized feedback and support. 

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Free Music Courses from Soundfly

Learn to Read Music

How To Read Music Course

Professional musician and composer, Ian Temple offers a free course on “How to Read Music”. This is a completely free, 23-part course that is perfect for beginners. If you want to know what the dots on the page mean, this course is for you. Learn the language of music by taking this introductory course.

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A Conversation with The Blues

A Conversation in Blues

Blues music is the foundation of most other forms of American music. So why not learn it for free from Prineston’s Musical Director, Vince Di Mura. This is a free 20-part series that focuses on explaining the history and the foundation of American Blues music and its effect on all the music that came after, Rock, Jazz Country, etc. 

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Alternate Tunings

Alternate Tunings Course

Guitarist Elyadeen, Anbar Dre DiMura, Christina Apostolopoulos team up with D’Addario and SoundFly to create this free 4 course series on alternate tunings. People can learn how to use Open D, Open E, Open G and DADGAD tunings. It is an amazing course that is offered at no cost to you.

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Tools and Resources

Jam PLay Logo APpears
Guitar Tools and Resources

Jamplay offers a free tools and resources page for all. It has a Chord Finder, Metronome Tuner and Bass tuner that is great for students, very accurate and free. If you are a beginner guitar student or parent you can go to this page and tune the guitar for free. Don’t play out of tune, you won’t have a good time.

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