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Interview with Jamplay.com Manager, Aaron Miller

I recently sat down for an interview with Aaron Miller from JamPlay.com to discuss their product and how it is so effective in helping students learn the guitar.

JamPlay is a website dedicated to learning the guitar for beginners and advanced players. I wanted to know what was so special about JamPlay and what made it stand apart from the other guitar learning platforms out there.

 As it turns out, JamPlay has thousands of guitar lessons, songs and, masterclasses and to choose from, all by famous guitar instructors and performers. They also offer live training for beginners and different digital “toolkits” for helping people learn the guitar and improve their technique.

1. Hi Aaron. Could you tell me a little more about the platform? What separates JamPlay apart from the other guitar learning sites.

It comes down to a wide variety of lessons for all skill levels. Some sites focus on beginners, some focus on intermediate and advanced. JamPlay can take a player from knowing nothing all the way to the advanced levels and beyond. Additionally, JamPlay has webcam teachers available 8 hours per day included in the cost of membership. Other sites charge $50-$100+ per month EXTRA for this.

2. Can’t I just get all this information on YouTube?

“Sure! If you do your research and piece together a curriculum, most information can be found there. Information really isn’t the problem for our students. It’s knowing what order to progress with and structure.

Additionally, information without action is useless. That’s why our lessons come with interactive tabs and practice videos that let students slow down and loop exercises. It really eliminates the “what do I practice?” and “how do I know when to move on?” problems that plague so many students who come from youtube and other sources.”

3.     What kind of musical expertise/background do JamPlay guitar teachers have? Are they professionals?

“With over 100 teachers, the expertise varies widely. The core principle that ties them all together is the ability to convey information and help students learn in concise and fun ways. Guitar teachers should motivate and inspire while not overloading with too much too fast. I like to think our teachers understand this and present their lessons with this in mind.”

4.     Does Jam Play have any really cool success stories? People that used the program, and now they are playing professionally or teaching guitar full-time?

We have had some great stories over the years, but nothing we can share publicly. However, we do have plenty of testimonials and reviews on our website.

5.     What if I know absolutely nothing about the guitar, is JamPlay right for me? Is there a free trial or way to try the platform?

The misnomer is that JamPlay isn’t the best for beginners. That may have been true 6-8 years ago, but we really revamped our beginner section in response to the market.

We have many beginner courses that start at zero and move towards specific genres. So if you are a rock player, there is a rock beginner course, for example.

We have also refilmed and edited our most popular beginner courses with modern graphics and video angle presentations to help the students better understand what the teacher is explaining.

6.     How much is a membership and are there different pricing levels?

A monthly subscription is just $20, and there is no commitment. It is very easy to cancel, and you do not have to call us, unlike other sites.

We find that most people tend to dip their toes in the water for a month, then pre-pay for a full year, which saves $80.

There is a “PRO” membership, which includes some useful add-ons like a 1-on-1 consultation, and bonus lesson downloads. We also throw in a t-shirt, so it’s a fun package for the enthusiast who is all in on JamPlay.


In closing,

Music learning is not just about a matter of content but of timing. Many educators agree on what to teach but not on when. That’s how JamPlay has led many guitarists to success.

With proper sequencing and having the right material available at the right time, students are more successful and enjoy learning. This is the significant difference between JamPlay and its competitors, an actual curriculum that is sequenced by ability, genre, technique, and repertoire that promotes music learning for everyone.

JamPlay has swallowed their completion and is now the most successful online guitar learning platform with a revenue of over 4 million dollars.

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There are different pricing options to fit your budget as well as a no-risk money-back guarantee.

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