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D7 Chord on Guitar

Introduction Are you looking to learn how to play a D7 dominant chord on guitar easily? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Playing a D7 dominant chord on guitar doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. With a few simple steps and a few minutes of practice, you can master this chord and …

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CAGED System on Guitar

Understanding the Caged System Mastering the guitar fretboard takes practice and dedication, but using the CAGED system can help. This ingenious approach utilizes familiar chord shapes to reveal patterns and relationships on your instrument, so you don’t feel lost in a grid of notes. This concept will enable you to envision interconnected shapes that make …

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Bars in Music Explained

Bar Lines Explained In written music “bars” (or measures) are units that have one unit of time in musical theory, defined by a specified set of beats to organize music. To define bars, a vertical bar line perpendicular to a staff line is drawn to each section’s beginning and end. The music staff is presented …

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